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GCT Taiwan - Your Global Partner

You know your business and your market well. But when operating internationally or in unfamiliar digital territory, your choice of a partner is critical. You need a team devoted to not only making certain your interaction with your clients is smooth and free of misunderstandings, but also possesses a powerful skill set.

At GCT Taiwan we have brought togethor a unique team of individuals with backgrounds in marketing, translation, publishing, internet development, software project management and design. Our marketing strengths are brought to bear in all aspects of our work, from building websites with attracting traffic in mind (we have a full time search engine optimisation team), to print materials meant to be read (professional journalists edit our translations) to software solutions with the end user in mind. From our parent company we have inherited a strong quality-oriented project methodology, and through our offices worldwide we have access to a wide and growing skill base.


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