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Quality Programming at an Incredible Price

GCT Taiwan understands the incredible pressures that software companies feel. The cost of implementation and coding has skyrocketed over the last several years. Projects are being priced out of site and delayed or abandoned. Profit margins are being squeezed if not crushed.

Software programming companies and software product companies are facing an increasingly poor environment for making money.

GCT Taiwan Can Dramatically Improve Your Company's Profits
GCT Taiwan can provide top quality programming at an incredible price, often half the price you are paying now.

We use the best talent in the US and China to provide a complete software programming solution. In Taiwan system analysts and project managers work with our clients to craft a solution to our clients needs. The crucial planning and project management stages are handled by our professional, expatriate team to ensure Western standards. The coding itself is handled by our solid team in China. This combination of Western oversight with inexpensive Chinese coding provides our clients with top quality product at unbelievable prices.

Our proprietary project management/communication systems ensure that the project is delivered on-time and on-budget, every time.
>>view our project management methodology

Complete E-commerce Solutions
GCT Taiwan provides complete plug and play e-commerce solutions to drive higher online profits. This includes stand alone e-commerce engines, search engine optimisation, online marketing and e-mail letter marketing.

Please contact us to find out more about how you can start to expand your profit margins now.


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Did You Know?
  The more complicated a software project, the more critical the project management and planning. Many experts note that the planning portion of the work is by far the most difficult, but once complete the actual coding is simply a'connect the dots' process. At GCT Taiwan the planning is handled by our Western team, with the coding handled in China. >>more


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