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Custom Web Site Design

"Is your website adding to your bottom line by actively generating sales leads, marketing value, revenue or streamlining your business processes?"

At GCT Taiwan we build web sites that are, above all, business assets. We work with our clients in ascertaining specific targets and goals for success. Our clients look to us, and return to us, because we care first about the client's bottom line.

We are uniquely postioned to deliver on your goals. Our online marketing and SEO teams are among the best in the world and are consulted right from the beginning to structure the site with long-term marketing in mind. Our outsource software team offers excellent web design and a wide range of coding skills, at fantastic prices and backed by our quality-centric project management processes. We can take your website and localise it across a wide range of languages. We also track and optimise sites over the long-term.

As more companies look to use the power of the Internet to advance their business, GCT is there with cost-effective, custom software design and web site design services. Projects range from B2C E-commerce systems, to web based databases such as CRM solutions. With world-class programmers and project managers that work directly with the client's existing information platforms, GCT Taiwan brings the full power of the information revolution to our client's businesses.


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Did You Know?
  Some design houses will create a site for a client with their primary aim to show off their design skills - not create a business asset for the client. When you decide to build or re-build your website, demand (or designate) specifics on what the site should be there to acheive.


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