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GCT Taiwan Translation Clients

Here is a list of some the clients we are currently or have been working with recently that have taken advantage of our translation skills:

  • Nike
  • The Body Shop
  • Office of the Vice Mayor of Taichung
  • Yunlin County Government
  • American Chamber of Commerce, Taichung
  • World Gym, Taiwan
  • United Kingdom Education Advisory Service
  • Taiwan Fun Magazine
  • Compass Magazine
  • FYI South Magazine
  • Taichung City Government
  • Grama Design


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english chinese translation and localisation with GCT Taiwan Did You Know?
  After the Chinese communist revolution in 1949, the Nationalist government of China decamped to Taiwan and communications were severed. Almost every new concept or invention since that time now has a different Mandarin Chinese word on each side of the Taiwan strait. Common examples include 'CD', 'Software', 'database' and even the word used for 'Mandarin Chinese' is now different! >>more


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