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Mandarin Chinese - English - Chinese Translation

Our expertise is focused on English to Mandarin Chinese and Mandarin Chinese to English translation projects.

Simplified and Traditional Chinese

Taiwan and China both use Mandarin Chinese (Hong Kong uses Cantonese) but with slightly different character systems. We cater for and are well equipped to work on projects that need to be translated for the China markets, Taiwan markets, or both.

China uses Simplified Chinese characters, while Taiwan uses Traditional Chinese chatracters. Also, if your project needs to be aimed at Chinese speaking Singapore and Malaysian markets, you will need to cater for them with Simplified Chinese character translations. If you need to aim for the Hong Kong market, you need Traditional Chinese characters but sometimes, there can be grammar differences.

The normal procedure for companies operating in Asia is to do two versions of everything - one using the simplified mainland script and mainland terminology, and one using the traditional script and Taiwanese Mandarin terminology.

Some History of Chinese Mandarin

There are two different Mandarin Chineses. The spoken language used in both Taiwan and Mainland China (and other areas as well) is Mandarin Chinese. However, after 1949, the old Nationalist government of China was defeated by the communists and driven to Taiwan. The new
communist government of China instituted major changes to the way that Chinese was written in mainland China - so that the written script used in Taiwan (and many overseas Chinese) and in China is different - and each side can only read bits and pieces of the other's. Complicating matters further, because the two sides were technically at war and didn't communicate until very recently - each side coined different terms to describe new technologies. Even common words like 'software, 'database' and 'CD' are different and only the most educated are aware of the terms used in both versions of the language.

Chinese Accents

As with any language there can be rather varied accents depending on where you are in a country. China is a very large country so the difference between a Beijing accent and a Shanghai accent is quite strong. If you compare these with a Taiwanese accent, you will find even stronger differences. In the past we have carried out audio translations that required a Beijing accent because it is more widely recognized.



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  In a typical Japanese sentence three different written scripts will be used! Kanji refers to the around 2000 Chinese characters imported into Japanese writing. Hiragana is a 46 character phonetic alphabet used to write words of Japanese origin. Katakana is another phonetic 46 character script used mostly for foreign loan words. Today, it isn't unusual to see a fourth script in a Japanese sentence - the Roman alphabet (usually English words).


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