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Search Engine Placement / Positioning for GUARANTEED Top Ranking

It is great having a web site that introduces your business but what is the use if nobody can find it?! GCT Taiwan's GUARANTEED Search Engine Placement and Positioning services provide the ultimate solution by optimizing a web site to gain ranking amongst the top positions in search engines and directories for keywords relevant to your business.

Being located in Taiwan enables us to provide the best possible service to our clients. Our international team of search engine positioning specialists offers complete fluency in English (US and UK), and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) because it is made up of native English, Taiwanese, and Chinese speakers.

At GCT Taiwan we use comprehensive, long-term web site optimization strategies to prolong our client's high ranking web sites for major search engines and directories. Through modification of titles, meta tags, other html coding, and planned, researched submission to paid search engines, GCT Taiwan is able to guarantee high ranking results either close to or at the top. Client sites are continuously optimized on plans up to one year in length, to maintain their top placements. Learn more about our web positioning programs.

Do you still need convincing why our services are so vital important? If you do or just want some piece of mind, read our page on the importance of web site promotion.

You MUST rate the search engine top ranking potential of your own site by visiting our essential website promotion and website optimization checklist. This quick list will quickly allow you to see whether you really need our services or not.

We have just created a new search engine optimization FAQ section on our dedicated site where you will find answers to many questions you are likely to have after reading and becoming interested in search engine placement and our services. This section includes explanations of terms used by us and the rest of the industry along with information on the strategies and processes WE employ that many other companies don't.

Learn more at our dedicated GCT Search Engine Positioning site.



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