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Web Site Optimization / Web Site Positioning Strategies & Techniques

Web Site Optimization is a full-time job

Optimizing a web site for search engines and directories is not what it used to be: placing lots of keywords in the meta tags. It is also not what all those spam emails suggest it is: simply submitting your web site to several thousand search engines and directories. Search engines and directories have continually improved and updated, with new functions added constantly to deliver better results. These changes are ongoing, and require constant tracking - what improved the positioning of a website yesterday may damage your positions today! At GCT Taiwan we are serious about what we do - we use proven web site optimization methods to deliver high positioning in the most important search engines and directories.

Working with the search engines

The scripts used to power search engines are continually being refined to deliver users relevant content pages. We aid these scripts by ensuring that your relevant web site pages are properly found and displayed for keywords and terms . We do not 'spam' the engines by introducing false keywords or by submitting pages whose content is useless or irrelevant to their users.

Web Site Positioning team

The GCT positioning experts carry out a number of site optimization processes that have proved successful in providing targeted traffic to our client's web sites. One day a week is dedicated to pure research to keep on top of the latest changes, try new techniques, keep ahead of the competition and refine our processes.

Some of the main techniques we utilize include the following:

» Customer Research
Research into your site's function and aims. This gives an idea of how potential viewers would try to find information your site provides and helps plan keywords, titles and descriptions to target.
» Customer Competitor Research
Research into your main competitors' sites is also undertaken to understand who is doing well, and why. With this information, your site can be improved beyond your competitors'.
» Keywords
A list of keywords is developed for your site based on your requirements and the content of your site.
» Titles and Meta Tags
Titles and meta tags are developed for as many pages of your site we can in accordance with the finalized list of keywords from above.
» Basic Web Site Optimization
Your site is given a basic optimization. This involves a 'cleanup' and improvement to the HTML source code. Basic optimization makes it easier for search engines and directories to extract relevant information from the HTML so that higher site positioning is achieved.
» Search Engines / Directories Submission
Important pages from your site are SUBMITTED BY HAND! This takes longer than automatic submission. This is worth it because search engines will index a site more quickly if it is submitted by hand rather than using automated methods. Search engines have also decided to make it more difficult to submit to them automatically because they want to reduce the amount of irrelevant pages appearing in their index.
» Information Page Creation
'Information pages' (mini-pages) are built using web site optimization techniques to target important keywords and direct the viewer to your site. These information pages have a better chance of gaining high positioning in some search engines. These pages include genuine content, they are not a 'trick' to spam the engines.
» Site Tracking
All pages from your site (including information pages) are continuously tracked for their performance. Search engine positioning, visitors, referring sites, page views and other factors are also analyzed so that optimization strategies for further improvements can be implemented.
» Continuous Web Site Optimization
Web site optimization is an ongoing process because search engines are always changing. Their indexes change, i.e. the competition changes, and so does the way they operate. This means that once good web site positioning is achieved, it needs to be retained by our constant monitoring and optimizing.

Of course, this is just an overview of our site optimization and web positioning strategies. More information can be found in the details of our different plans along with prices for the various levels of optimization we offer. >>Web positioning plans

Check out some of the successes we have had with past and present clients: please visit our clients page.


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